Bonwood Bowl would love to partner with you for your next party or special celebration. We love to think outside the box with you and seek to find the best way to host your event.  Bonwood is available to host…

  • Birthday parties
  • Company parties
  • School field trips and event

Bowling with friends and family is a great way to create lasting memories. Catering is also available directly through the Bonwood Cafe located inside Bonwood. If you are interested in scheduling a special event at Bonwood, please contact us at (801) 487-7758 or fill out the form below so we can help plan your next event.

Reservation Request Policy

Requesting a reservation at Bonwood Bowl is reserved for large groups (20+ people), birthday parties, special events, company parties, etc. If you would like to begin the process of scheduling your event at Bonwood, please complete the form below. Currently Bonwood is not able to make reservations for Friday or Saturday nights. Upon completion of this form, you will be contacted by a Bonwood staff member to discuss your reservation.   

  • A minimum of 72 hours notice is required in order for Bonwood to consider a reservation.
  • Groups of 20+ is necessary to be considered for a reservation.
  • Reservations ARE NOT CONSIDERED COMPLETE until Bonwood Bowl contacts you using the information you have provided.
  • Due to league schedules Bonwood is limited in reservation capacity. 

Reservation Request